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The Complete Package

It's an all-inclusive annual arrangement, which provides a flexible sailing year. Extend or shorten your sailing season as you wish, safe in the knowledge that you have a space reserved in the boatyard for your winter laying-up.

The Complete Package is the best value for money if you like to come out of the water for a period of time in the winter and is cheaper than paying for the mooring, storage and boat handling separately.

The Package Includes:

Optional services:

Renewal Invitation
Owners will receive an invitation to renew the complete package in September just prior to the laying-up period.

Extended Storage Charges
Owners who choose not to renew their package and who come ashore but remain in the yard after 31st March in the following year will incur ongoing storage charges at the prevailing rate.

If vessels remain ashore for more than 12 months from date of hauling-out additional launching charges will apply.

Cancellations & Refunds
We are unable to refund mooring or storage charges if owners choose to depart before the end of the 12 month period. Furthermore, no refunds will be payable for unused boat handling if owners ultimately choose not to come ashore as part of the package.

New Customers
New owners who take up the offer of the complete package and wish to arrive before 1st April will be charged for the additional time on the mooring on a pro rata daily basis.

For packages secured in advance, no refund for unused moorings will be made to new owners arriving after 1st April.

Standard laying-up procedure

We do not use cradles.
We do not pre-book specific dates for hauling-out or launching
Vessels to be stored undercover must be ready to haul-out prior to 1st November




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